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If you´ve followed Alexander Wang fall 2013 runway collection, you must have notice the Replica Celine Handbags. If not, it´s a shoulder bag that has two clutches/envelope melted together, quite large and notable. The design is fairly unique and it was the biggest highlight on the runway. Very pretty, but I would rather go for the Alexander Wang Chastity Sling bag, it’s the same concept but smaller and easier to carry.

For work, it´s sometimes better to wear formal styles. And when it comes to formal clothes, match it with the Replica Celine Bags. It´s chic, but not exaggerated. It´s not overwhelming large and still has enough space for your documents, A4 papers, essentials and agenda. The bag is entirely made from Bovin, soft not slouchy. It hold perfectly shape, a bit stiff, but that´s just an extra layer of protection for your important notes. Alexander Wang´s pre-fall collection prepares you for the rains and everything that the sky can drop. When this bag is closed, everything inside is secured from dirt to water.

Black and raison, it could be that you find these bag ´boring´. But note, this is not the glamorous casual bag that you are looking for nor the elegant bag for the classy lady who knows everything about the latest fashion. It´s an excellent work-bag, for the hard-working girl who needs to stay in the office after 17.00 and has the ambition to climb the ladder.

Instead of just plain black, enjoy the Alexander Wang Chastisty Sling in snake skin for $1,150 USD and Raison red for $1,095. Both available at Alexander Wang boutique or e-store.

Replica Celine Handbags