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It appears that not only CHANEL is doing the ‘supermarket’ thing. Anya Hindmarch is following the same example, only in a smaller scale. Remember the boxes and Chloe Replica Handbags inspired by food and cans? Well, you can expect something similar in Anya Hindmarch Mini Mart. If you are currently located in London, perhaps you want to take a visit. Just do not forget to use the basket.

It’s a small place, much simpler than Chanel supermarket concept. Actually instead of chic, Chloe Bags Outlet ​designed everything super cute, just like a mom and pop store. Exterior is painted in purple and you will bottles and cans painted in gold.

The special edition Anya Hindmarch Cereal Clutch Bags are being showcased, if you’ve forgotten about our review, you can re-read it here. This clutch might appear to be an ordinary Cereal box, the same you can buy in your supermarket, but we must not forget how super cute it actually is. It’s so tiny that it can fit in one hand. Love it.

A typical Anya Hindmarch design, a clutch bag with a smiley face. You can also get the limited edition tote bag in blue, with the face of Tony the Tiger. Check out all the images.

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