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When I think about Alexander McQueen, I think about royal fashion pieces and skulls. With royal fashion pieces, I mean ‘really’ luxurious items that are made for the queens and princesses, like the Box Clutches. But recently we’re seeing more neutral, minimalistic handbags just like this Replica Burberry Handbags. Well, is this a good sign or not?

I love the distinctive shape of the Basket Bag as well as the solid color and minimalistic look. You can carry this handbag anywhere, anytime with any outfit. Even the logo of the house has been crafted so tiny that you won’t see it unless you zoom-in. Like it or not?

The Basket Bag has that curvy shape like a shopping bag. It’s made from calf leather, so you won’t need to baby it all day long or worrying getting easily damaged. It features two strong handles and it will hold even when you carry heavier items. So is this a good investment piece?

They come in single colors, but there are many to choose. For the upcoming seasons, shades like nude are the perfect match.

The inside is made in suede lining for the maximal softness. There you can find one large compartment to store your essentials. It’s big enough to carry your iPad, so maybe it’s also good for work. Inside you will also find a beautiful zipped pouch that can be detached. So is this tote to evening?

Measuring 12’ x 13.5’ x 4.5’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $1290 USD, €990 EUR, £950 GBP, $1580 SGD, ¥142000 JPY, $8735 HKD.

Where To Shop AX Basket Bags? First stop! Check here for the latest colors and styles.

Replica Burberry Handbags